Riding Park City 2013 (another snowboarding video)

No, another snowboarding video isn’t that interesting.

But I’ll tell you what’s really cool – this trip was the absolute last week of ski season (in April) and everyone told us we shouldn’t go because we might not see any snow.

We went, we saw, and we rode 17″ of fresh snow (that fell the day after we got there)

Want to ride Park City with us? Then watch this video (and enjoy)

Take a ride with us at Beaver Creek [Video]

We had so much fun snowboarding at Beaver Creek last year that we couldn’t wait to do it again.

This is the first snowboarding video I shot with the GoPro HD and you can definitely see the difference in quality.

Wanna take a ride with us? Then check out this video:

Park City Snowboarding Adventure 2012 [Video]

Alright, it’s our third time at Park City and this place is beginning to feel like home.

We know the runs, we’ve been on all the lifts, and we’re having a blast. It’s always fun to have a place that’s at least a little bit “yours.”

And with so many vacations here already, this is our favorite winter adventure.
(watch how smoooooth Rachel is on her ride)

Snowboarding in Beaver Creek [Video]

Alright, we’ve been to Park City twice and we’re looking for a new thrill.

After a little research Rachel found this cool place called Beaver Creek over in Colorado. Somehow she managed to get us into the Westin at Beaver Creek and it was SWEET!

Ski valets, spa, and a gondola ride away from the bus that takes us up the mountain.

We LOVED this place.

Snowboarding in Park City 2011 (Video)

I told you we war addicted to snowboarding.

We came back for a second year and stayed at the Marriott Summit Watch right on main street. There’s a free bus that takes you right to the mountain.

This year we got tipped off by the kid in the equipment rental place to a guy that did unauthorized snowboard lessons that consisted of us strapping on our boards and riding down the mountain.

It took us two hours to get down home run, but it was worth it.