Park City Snowboard & Snowmobile Adventure [Video]

I don’t remember having more fun on any other snowboarding trip.

It was good to be back in Park City this year, especially because we got to snowboard in 12 fresh inches of powder our first day on the mountain.

We also mixed in a snowmobile adventure this year, it was a blast!

See for yourself, just click play on the video below:


Hawaii 2014 – You know I got that bass remix

We decided to try something different in this video.

Usually we pick a song after after we’ve shot all the video.

This time we thought it would be interesting to have a little more group participation,

Especially since we had a pretty big group (it was a family vacation.)

So we picked a fun theme song and we asked everyone to sing along.

The result,

The “You know I got that bass” Hawaii 2014 remix

San Francisco walking tour

Our journey starts at the Hilton in Union Square San Francisco.

san-franciscoAfter talking to the conceirge we planned a trek through China Town and underneath the TransAmerica Pyramid all the way to the market inside the Ferry Building.

Then we took a bus to Fisherman’s Wharf where we ate lunch at the Fog Harbor Fish House over looking Alcatraz.

From there walked over to the Trolley Car station on Lombardi where we waited over an hour get a ride back to Union Square.

Pro Tip: Don’t wait in those long lines to get on the trolley car. Buy your ticket and then walk up a few stops.


Pikes Place Market [Video]

No trip to Seattle would be complete without a visit to Pikes Place Market.

There are tons of great little places to eat, the prices on seafood are fair (and they can overnight ship to you), and it’s got a cool vibe. You gotta see for yourself.

Mini Boat Island Hop and Snorkeling Tour [Video]

No vacation would be complete without an adventure, right?

This time we decided to go snorkeling with a twist – we took a guided mini boat tour that left out of Puerto Chico Marina right around the corner from El Conquistador. If you’re staying in Fajardo Kayaking Puerto Rico‘s Mini Bout tour is definitely worth checking out.

Our guides Gilbert and Efrain were really cool dudes, knowledgeable about the area and funny to boot.
This video was shot with my GoPro HD Hero and the photos that were mixed in were shot by our guides.

Quick Tip: It’s an extra $15 bucks to get the photo package and it’s totally worth it.