Seattle, Washington – Day 1

Roundtrip flights from Orlando to Seattle cost us about $450 per person. The only direct flights to and from are on Alaskan Airlines. We were going to Seattle to attend the wedding so I wasn’t able to book a direct flight in. It took us about 8 hours to get there with the 1.5 hour layover in Houston. Every flight we were on was packed and they were asking people to check their bags free of charge at the gate to accomodate everyone’s carry on luggage. It is amazing to me that no complimentary movies or food (besides free beverage) were available on any of the flights. Most of our flights were at minimum 4 hours.

Quick tip: We fly Jet Blue whenever possible. Jet Blue’s main cabin seating seems to roomier and they provide free tv/movies and decent snacks.

We booked our flights on United and Alaskan Air. Best car rental rate was with Dollar. We were able to reserve a compact SUV for what most places were charging for a smaller car.

Quick Tip: Economy plus seating on airlines is definitely worth the additional money. You don’t realize what a big difference it is until you are crammed in like Sardines in the main cabin.

I wasn’t too sure what there was to do in Seattle so we decided to stay only 2 nights. I found out about a couple of things that we would have liked to do after I booked the flight. I would suggest staying in Seattle at least 3 nights to enjoy the city and most of what it has to offer. My first thoughts as we were driving away from the airport is that this placed seemed so clean, like the air was fresher here and the abundance of trees was beautiful to look at.

We had a complimentary Marriott night at one of their class 5 hotels. There were no Marriotts located near the town of the wedding so we decided to stay in the city and rent a car. The wedding was in Everett which was only about 30 minutes away. I ended up booking a room at the Marriott Courtyard in Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle. Many of the reviews were for the hotel were good on Trip Advisor. The building had recently been acquired by Marriott and remodeled. When we arrived, the lobby was nicely decorated and the check in process was smooth. They gave us a room up on the 12th floor. We were facing another building which wasn’t the greatest view but it wasn’t like we were planning to hang out in the room much. The room, including bathroom, was very clean which is important to me. The decor was modern and bedding was a nice white down comforter with feather pillows. The room was tiny – barely enough room for the king size bed, desk, flat screen tv and closet. We had to remove the extra hangers out in order hang up about 4-5 items. There was also no safe in the room – which I thought was standard for any hotel nowadays. I was not familiar with the area when I booked the room and a few reviews had mentioned the area being a little seedy in the evenings. We found that the location was perfect – walking distance to Pike Place Market which is a major attraction in the area. In the evenings, we took the car out and dropped car off at the valet so I didn’t really witness too much seediness in the area ๐Ÿ™‚ I felt perfectly safe walking around during the day. It seemed like there were a lot of homeless people in the area but at times it was hard to tell difference between some of the grundgey naturalists and the homeless people. We learned that funds from a paper called “Real Change” goes toward helping homeless people. So when you see a person on the street selling it, buy it. You’re helping a good cause!

Quick tip: Request a room with a view of the water at the Marriott Courtyard at Pioneer Square. Also the rooms with a double beds seemed to be quite a bit larger if you desire more room. I didn’t realize that these options were avaialble until I walked passed one of the rooms that was being cleaned on our way to our room.






I had been searching for whale watching tours online when I came across Seattle Food Tours on Yelp. I had never been on one and thought it might be a nice way to experience the city in the short amount of time we were staying. I had heard that Seattle was a place of great restaurants and it would have been difficult to choose one or two to go to. Besides, Jonathan is a huge fan of the Food Network and always wanting to try new things. I am not quite so adventurous with my food tasting but definitely willing to give this a shot. There are several food tour companies in the area and I made my choice based on the time of the tours and the reviews on both Yelp and Trip Advisor. It had to happen on Thursday evening because I was trying to find a whale watching tour on Friday. We had the wedding on Friday night and then leaving first thing in the morning on Saturday. I ended up booking with Seattle Food Tours ( The dinner tour of Belletown was $59 per person. It included 5 stops with food or drink at each stop. The tour was amazing – we were able to learn some history about the city while sampling some of the best local cuisine. I had also chosen this company because they keep their groups smaller – no more than 10-12 people. It was nice to meet some new folks and be social for the evening. I became very famiiar with words like “sustainable” and “organic.” Seattlelites are all about conserving their environment. Restaurants we visited on the tour were:

Local 360 – They feature local foods and beverages that can be found within 360 degrees of the location. We were able to sample some local oysters and for those of us that don’t like oysters, we were able to try the soup of the day which was a tomato gazpacho with olive oil. The oysters were petite in size but Jonathan found them tasty. Like I said before, I am not adventurous when it comes to new foods and was nervous about eating gazpacho. When they first brought it out, I thought it looked like a cranberry puree – EEK. Cold soup does not sound appetizing to me but it was actually pretty good. The hint of olive oil in it was very tasty too.

Rob Roy– local bar with a 50’s vibe known for their twists on original cocktail recipes. It was definitely a bar we would love to hang out in. Lots of couches – very retro with a wall of vinyls at the back of the bar. Instead of bar nuts or popcorn, they served goldfish.

Shiro Sushi – This was one of my favorite stops. They actually let us come in prior to the restaurant opening. Apparently, it’s very popular and requires reservations. The owner, Shiro, was there preparing the sushi for us. His mentor and trainer is Jiro – who is featured in a documentary called Jiro Loves Sushi which is on Netflix instant video. We were served nigiri style sushi – tuna and smelt. Shiro is particular about the way his sushi is eaten – we eat with our hands (no chopsticks) and it is not served with wasabi or soy sauce. Ginger is avaialble but not meant to eat with the sushi. It is meant to be a pallet cleanser and eaten prior to and between each piece. The sushi is specially seasoned or marinated and this is why no soy sauce is required. On the tuna, he included a tiny layer of wasabi between the fish and rice. I have never eaten nigiri but I think that drink loosened me up and I went straight for the tuna. It was delicious! The tuna melted in my mouth. I tried the smelt as well. Everyone at the table seemed to like it the best, but I preferred the tuna. Smelt is not something most sushi chefs serve but Shiro is all about using local foods that are in season. Apparently, I have now been spoiled because nigiri doesn’t typically taste this good.

Branzino – primarily serves Italian dishes but menu options will vary depending on what is in season. Branzino is actually a fish found locally in the area. They make all of their pasta in-house and one of the co-owners is there every night walking the tables and talking to the clients. I felt like we were in his home – as he told us about the dish that they prepared for us. It was a short rib pork parpadelle and it was amazing! Both the pasta and sauce were very light and the short ribs were flavorful. Our dinner also included a full glass of wine – he opened 2 bottles of Malbec for us. I’m not much of a red wine drinker but really enjoyed the Malbec that was served. It was a nice fruity blend without being sweet or having the bitter taste that most reds have.

Spur Gastro Pub – They served us a dessert – Melon and some sort of berry ice cream (made in-house) served with a few berries, crumbled cookie crust and 2 small pieces of melon. I wasn’t crazy about it but then again I don’t really like melons.
Portions at each stop were small so we decided to order some pork belly sliders. Tons of people were ordering them so we decided to do the same. I have never had pork belly before but these sliders were so tasty. We also ordered a couple of cocktails – I chose a champagne based drink with lemon and gin and Jonathan ordered a bourbon drink that was a special that night.

Overall I would definitely recommend this company for a food tour. Food and beverages at each stop were really good and the tour guide, Leslie, was awesome too. It was perfect because we were able to sample so many different places. And if you were to check any of these places on Yelp or Trip Advisor – they have a ton of positive reviews. One of the couples on the tour said they normally book these types of tours when they visit a new city and form a list of places they would like to revisit. Jonathan and I plan to look for more of these food tours when we go on vacation.

Quick tip: Be prepared to pay for parking if you rent a car and stay in the city. Our hotel charged $28 plus $6 tax for valet parking. You can only park on the street for a max of 2 hours. Otherwise, you will need to find a garage. We ended up paying at least $10 at each of the garages/parking lots we used.











Bahia Beach and Fajardo

Day 4:
Rain rain go away, come back another day. We were picking up Jonathan’s Dad from the airport today and we had some time to kill so of course we went to the mall. The mall in San Juan is called Plaza Las Americas. It’s a huge mall – think there were 3 different levels. After the mall, we spent the rest of the day with family.

Travel Quick Tip: Firehouse Subs at the mall is VERY SLOW. They give out beepers for each order – this makes it look like there is no line but in reality there are tons of orders ahead of you.

After spending most of the day with family, we are off to the St. Regis. It’s located in Rio Grande on Bahia Beach and is very secluded. It was difficult for us to see the property on the drive in because we were checking in around 11pm.

The entrance to the plantation house is impressive with fire pits lining the walkway up to the oversized front door. The check-in process was quite personable. We are seated down at a desk in what looks like a cozy den. We are given a map of the property and our keys and the bell man proceeds to take us and our baggage to our room via golf cart.

We stayed in a standard room and it far exceeded our expectations (check out this video tour of our room at the St Regis, Bahia Beach). Decor is plantation style – dark cherry wood furniture, recessed beamed ceiling and rattan ceiling fans. Neutral tones used throughout the bathroom. Bathroom has a rain shower that is almost as big as the rest of the room. The mirror in bathroom even has a TV! Not sure I will actually use it but it was pretty cool.

Double vanities in there too. As I have mentioned before, I’m really picky and there was a musty smell in the room but I don’t think the room had been used in a while. I can’t imagine that they are ever 100% booked with the prices they charge here.
Entrance to Plantation House:

Day 5:
Our mini boat snorkeling tour is scheduled for today ๐Ÿ™‚ We had to be in Fajardo at 8:30am. According to Google Maps, it’s about a 25 minutes away. We left about an hour early so we had time to stop for breakfast. There is always traffic around here so be sure to give yourself extra time to make it anywhere. It ended up taking us an hour because there was a bad accident on the way.

After check-in, we get loaded onto our mini-boats.

Travel Quick Tip: There is not much room in the dry storage area so I would suggest bringing as little as possible – towels, sunglasses, sunblock.

As soon as we start our engines to head out of the marina, our boat stops working. They try to fix it but are unable to and we have to ride with the tour guides. Kind of a bummer since so the cool thing about the tour was getting to drive/ride in your own mini boat. They apologized and we were refunded the whole amount back. The tour guides were great – Efrain & Gilbert.

Water was a little rough so we it took us longer to get to Palomino island and we only ended up stopping at one snorkeling spot. The snorkeling was pretty average but the boat ride out to the island was fun. We hung out on Palomito Island for about an hour. This is the island where the filmed Pirates of the Carribean 4.

Even though we slathered on the sunblock, we got plenty of sun today. The entire trip was about 3.5 hours. We ended up having lunch at the restaurant there at the marina (Marina Puerto Chico). We had carne frita and rice and beans. It was very good and I don’t think we spent more than $20. We were pooped by the time we made it back to the resort and ended up taking a nap after showering and getting cleaned up.


Picture 1 of 5

Travel Quick Tip: For $15, the kayak company takes pictures of you throughout the excursion and emails them to you. You also receive one 5×7 print. Well worth the money.

We decided to eat dinner at the hotel restaurant, Fern. It is operated by a world-renown chef – Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Not sure who that is but I’m not familiar with too many chefs unless they have a show on Food Network. The food was a bit fancy for me and ended up ordering a tomato, basil and mozzarella pizza which was not that great. How do you mess up pizza? I like cheese on my pizza and I think they put one small slice of mozzarella on each slice.

Jonathan opted for the salmon dish. He seemed to enjoy it. I had a few bites of his creamy mashed potatoes and they were delicious. They served a little grouper hush puppie and some yummy bread. Our bill came to about $50 – which was for an appetizer and dinner entree. We didn’t order any drinks, just water. In my opinion, the food was average at those prices.

Day 6:
Like most Starwood Properties, they offer complimentary coffee & tea in the lobby or in this case the Plantation House. We enjoy a cup of coffee and take up with us to Fern for breakfast. This is the only retaurant on the property that serves breakfast. We ate breakfast out on the terrace which had a beautiful view and wonderful breeze. Jonathan ordered the cold buffet and I ordered a basic breakfast (scrambled eggs, potatoes, tomatoes). It was a standard breakfast and ran us about $40.

We hung out at the pool bar for a bit and enjoyed some tropical drinks. Of course they weren’t cheap – $17 each. But they were very good and there was nice breeze while we were out there. We saw someone order one of those oversized bottles of Fiji water for $10 – CRAZY!

For lunch we ventured off the resort and ate at La Familia Bakery for lunch. Thanks to Trip Advisor for helping us find this little gem. They serve sandwiches and of course baked goods. Unfortunately they turn their press off at 2pm and we were not able to order hot sandwiches. The gentleman at the bakery offered to make us cold sandwiches which was very nice of him. We ordered a ham and cheese sandwich, 2 donuts (which tasted very fluffy and delicious), and 2 cafe con leches for $9. What a bargain! They open at 6am so we will definitely be stopping by for breakfast on our way out of town.

Travel Quick tip: La Familia is busy in the morning so plan to wait for your breakfast. Food is good and I would definitely go back for breakfast but it was kind of stressful when we trying to get to the airport that morning.

We decided to check out a place called El Verde BBQ for dinner. It seemed like a place where people go for local puerto rican dishes like rotisserie chicken, rice & beans, lechon, yuca, etc. We ordered lechon and arroz con gandules for about $7. Good food for a great price!

Travel Quick Tip: It’s not a fancy place – there are a couple of tables and benches to eat there. I would suggest just picking up some food to go from here.

Overall, the St. Regis property was beautiful. It really is more of a retreat because of it’s location. I would highly suggest having a rental car if you want to avoid eating at the over-priced restaurants on site. The pool area was beautiful and there is access to Bahia Beach which is pretty.

Unfortunately, we don’t play golf so we didn’t get to experience that part of the resort which is one of it’s major amenitites. As part of the resort fee, you can also use non-motorized equipment at the boat house (paddle boards, canoes, etc). Personally, I prefer the W Spa and Retreat at Vieques because of the location – it offers the beach and several different pools which offer more privacy. The atmosphere and decor was more hip and fun for us.

Day 7:

Headed back home to Florida. JetBlue flight was ontime and we landed 20 minutes early!

La Concha Renaissance in Condado

Quick tip: This year I booked our vacation starting on Monday vs. Friday or Thursday. I felt so much less stressed out having the whole weekend to pack and prepare for the trip.

Day 1:
Jet Blue flight arrived on time ๐Ÿ™‚ We picked up our rental car and we were on our way. Unfortunately when I clicked on the address to hotel from the email on my phone it did not google the correct address and we ended up lost and in the hood. Very scary!!

We finally made our way back to the highway but keep in mind when you take an exit off the highway, most of the time you end up on another highway. We ended up going off course quite a bit.

What should have been a 20 minute ride turned into 1.5 hour ordeal. Not a great way to start our vacation but now you know – TYPE the actual address into your GPS on your phone. Driving into the Condado area is not too impressive. Perhaps we can drove in the back way or something. I was feeling a little nervous about our hotel. When we pulled up, it did look a little run down.

We finally arrived to La Concha Renaissance Hotel and we checked into our room. We had booked a room with an ocean view and when we got up there it was pretty small room. The room was big enough for the king size bed – no desk or sitting area. It was quite surprising but we didn’t know what the rest of the rooms looked liked. Our room had an exterior door with no lock that led to two rooms at the end end of the hallway. One of them was ours. It didn’t seem very safe – someone could mug you back there and no one would ever know it.

The view was very nice. The hotel has a small private beach as well as a pool looking out towards the beach. We ended up requesting another room but we were starving and went down to the bar for a “quick bite” to eat first.

Atmosphere is really nice – very cool and laid back. Lots of white furniture. We ordered a few drinks. My mojito was $11. I suppose we should learn to expect that at a hotel in a touristy section of town. We ordered Churrasco and Fries to share. It took about 35 minutes for our food to arrive. I think our bartender forgot about our order and brought us some plantain chips and guacamole free of charge. The food was decent but the experience wasn’t so great. Our total bill added up to $42 for 2 drinks and a lunch entree.

We requested a different room and were moved to a lower floor. The front desk person was extremely nice and said the other room was the only one avaialble at the time of check-in. He understood why we wanted to move with the room being so small. It was meant to be a connecting room with a larger room or suite.

We walked into our room – what a difference. There was a desk and seating area. Looked at the bathroom and it was clean but the shower was a little grimey. I have this weird thing about dirty looking grout. Although the room was an improvement, there was an extremely loud vent running outside. Try to avoid staying on the 4th floor if you stay here. We felt like we were being a pain but requested another room.

This time we were moved up to the 10th floor. Funny because this was room was slightly larger than the first room and slightly smaller than the room on the 4th floor. I had read on trip advisor that the newer tower had the nicest rooms and requested one over there but was told that no rooms in our category were available. We had booked an ocean view room with Marriott points and the new tower only had suites. We settled in because we were tired after traveling all day.

Finally around 7pm, we decided we needed to go eat and Jonathan found a restaurant on YELP with 4 stars and over 200 reviews. It was called El Jibarito. It was located in Old San Juan which is about a 3 miles away from the hotel. We had to park in a garage and walk about 4 blocks to the restaurant. Kind of spooky walking around there at night – the streets are narrow and not well lit. There were lots of people walking around so I guess it’s safe.

We get to the restaurant and it was packed. Yelp rarely lets us down! We split a dish of pork stew, rice and red beans, side salad and ordered a side order tostones (fried green plantains). The garlic sauce for the tostones was really good. We saw good reviews for their garlic chicken and shrimp so I have to imagine those entrees were delicious too with that garlic sauce ๐Ÿ™‚ Our dinner came to a total of $17. We didn’t order drinks – just bottled water. What a bargain!

Got back to the hotel around 9pm and we showered got ready for bed. Although the hotel is very clean and decorated nicely – I had an issue with the shower. They attempted to make it a modern walk in shower where only half is covered by a glass enclosure. It’s kind of small for that design and you end up getting cold. The water does not drain properly and there is standing water left sitting in your shower. Kind of gross. Going to have to ask for a squeegee or something to get rid of that water. Jonathan called it a “shabby renovation.” Obviously we have minor issues with the standards here but the service is outstanding. All of their staff are friendly and manage all of your requests as best as they can.

Day 2:
We consulted YELP again and decided to go to a local spot called Pinky’s for breakfast. It’s about 4 blocks away from the hotel – right off of Ashford Ave. YELP did not disappoint. We both enjoyed a hearty breakfast and cafe con leche for about $12.


The sun was out and we decided to have a beach day. La Concha has a small private beach and as guests of the hotel they set up beach lounge chairs and umbrellas for you – free of charge.

After a couple of relaxing hours on the beach, we decided to visit the pool area which is very nice. You will have to get there early if you want to find seating with an umbrella. We cooled off in the pool and then decided to leave the hotel for lunch. We asked one of the bell hops for a suggestion and he directed us to a place called Pure and Natural. It was practically next door to our hotel. It’s one of those all natural healthy food places. They had quite a selection of raw juices and shakes. Pricing wasn’t horrible – we paid about $22 for two sandwiches and a lemonade. However, it took a very long time for them to prepare an egg salad sandwhich and a grilled mahi mahi sandwich. The place was ok – next time we may just try Pinky’s again for lunch.

The gym is open 24 hours for those of you that like to work out late night. It’s a decent facility with fairly new equipment. Great view of the beach from all the cardio machines.

After doing some research on YELP again, we decided to go to Jose Enrique’s for dinner. The restaurant had 4.5 stars with about 65 reviews. The reviews did mention it was difficult to find and it was. There isn’t a huge sign outside the door and not really well lit outside. We actually drove right past it – I thought it looked like a house on the street. There is only street parking so we had park a few blocks away in a lit parking lot.

We finally get there and the hostess tells us it’s a 1.5 hour wait. The place was packed but we were hungry and decided to find another spot. We ended up having dinner at Cafe de la Plaza. It was across the plaza which was packed with locals. We ordered a couple of drinks and Mofongo with Churrasco. It was served with a red sauce and pretty tasty. Our bill came to about $30.

Quick Tip: I would suggest trying to get to Jose Enrique’s right when they open at 11am to avoid a long wait.

Day 3:
Breakfast at Pinky’s again ๐Ÿ™‚ The sun was out so we hung out at the beach again. This time we were able to find a little cabana facing the beach. I have to say that the grounds and amenities here at La Concha are really nice. They have several several different pools – one actually faces the beach. Atmosphere is very laid back and they have servers from there poolside restaurant out and about taking food and drink orders on the beach and by the pool.

We stopped by a pizza joint for dinner down the street from the hotel which was a bit over priced – $3.95/slice. Pizza was pretty good but I love pizza – even the frozen kind ๐Ÿ™‚ It was July 4th and we were able to see the fireworks on our walk home to the hotel.

Planning Our Next Trip to Puerto Rico

Well we have decided to go back to Puerto Rico this year. This time, we plan to spend some time with family in addition to our own personal adventures.

I don’t know about you, but it takes me FOREVER to plan a vacation. I tend to spend a great deal of time checking out reviews for different hotels in the area.

Not to sound snobby or anything but I am really picky about where we stay. First and foremost it needs to clean and well kept. We like to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and feel a little pampered when we go on vacation.

We save all year for the couple of vacations we take – so we tend splurge a little to make it feel special.

I want to make sure I am getting the best deal possible for everything we want to do or need for the vacation – this includes air fare, hotel, car rental, tours, etc. I truly have champagne taste on a beer budget. I love staying at the nicest places but hate forking out the dough for them!

I usually check out first for vacation packages, which include air fare, hotel and car rental if you need it. This is a great place to find out what hotels are available in the area and it also gives you an idea of what everything will cost.

At times, Expedia offers the best deal on vacation packages. Expedia includes reviews and photos of all the hotels in the area. This really helps me narrow down where I would like to stay.


From there, I will go to to check out more reviews and also check out their photos. People that review on Trip Advisor can upload their own personal photos of the hotel. I can get a better idea of what the facility looks like vs. looking at the glamour shots that the hotels provide on their websites or to Expedia.

We are planning to stay in San Juan for 3 nights and then head over to Carolina for the following 3 nights.

La Conchita Renaissance Lobby

Since we are planning on using Marriott Rewards points for this trip, I checked out all the Marriott facilities in the area. We ended up choosing La Concha Renaissance Hotel which is located in the Condado area of San Juan. About 5 years ago, they recently upgraded and redecorated all the rooms at this hotel.

From the photos online, it appears that they have gone with a modern/minimalist vibe for the hotel. Reviews were decent โ€“ clean, friendly staff, nice deco. Only con was that a lot of locals hang out there on the weekend. My husband and I donโ€™t have kids so that kind of thing doesnโ€™t really bother us.

After visiting with family (and hopefully getting in a surf lesson or two), we plan to get some serious R&R. Originally our plan was to revisit the W Spa and Retreat in Vieques but the rates were a bit outrageous. A basic room (Tropical Oasis) was priced over $500/night when you add in all their resort fees and taxes.I did some research and found another Starwood Property in Carolina, St. Regis Bahia Beach. St. Regis is Starwoodโ€™s highest end brand of hotels. We have always wanted to stay at a St. Regis but the rates I have seen are usually around $600 and up/night. Starwood lists most of their offers on their website but I decided to call St. Regis directly and was given a AAA rate which was 50% off their regular rate! I wasnโ€™t a AAA member but you can bet I am now.

The reservations representative was very helpful and was able to give me a rate that was not published on the internet. It works out perfect because we will be able to check out El Yunque Rain Forest and get some snorkeling in at Fajardo โ€“ both are about a 30 minute ride from the hotel.

For air fare, I always go to or to find out which airlines fly into the city we are visiting. Jet Blue, Air Tran, and Spirit Air offer the cheapest non-stop flights into San Juan, PR. Air fare ranged from about $283-$349 per ticket.

Spirit Air was the cheapest but I have not heard great things about Spirit Air โ€“ our friends were stranded in Costa Rica because they kept cancelling flights!

FYI โ€“ Air Tran charges you $6/person for each flight to select your seats on the plane.

Jet Blue was slightly more expensive but they offered the most convenient flight times and we enjoy flying Jet Blue. The seats seem a little roomier and they have TV screens installed behind each chair. I went directly to each airline website to find out if they had any cheaper rates and they were pretty comparable to what Expedia was offering. I decided to book directly through the airlines because the fees assessed for changing your flights is cheaper. I have no intention of switching our flight dates but I am a worry wart and tend to worry about all the potential scenarios that could affect our vacation.

We definitely need a vehicle while in Puerto Rico because we plan to visit family and have a lot of sight seeing to do J I usually go to for car rentals. Orbitz usually offers better pricing over Expedia for cars. I have no idea why. Since I am now a AAA member, I checked out their site for car rentals.

I was able to rent a mid-size vehicle (most likely a Ford Focus) for $245/week through Hertz โ€“ this includes taxes and fees. This was about $30 cheaper than any of the options on Orbitz. Plus Hertz is located in the airport which is very convenient.
Our trip is all booked and Iโ€™m looking forward to a much needed vacation!


Jay and I will be updating you with videos and photos from the trip.